Toll Processing

F2LHS works with all type of flower and trim.  From fresh frozen, cured/dried flower or trim we can create profitable and marketable cannabis concentrate products.

We are seasoned in the processing of trim and flower into amazing consumable products.  We can provide you with finished bulk or packaged goods ready for the consumer.  We also provide distribution and transportation services for our customers.  F2LHS has years of experience creating Live Resin, Sauce, Shatter, Diamonds, Crumble, Badder, Budder, Crude Oil, Distillate, and more.

Full spectrum BHO and Propane extraction services using our proprietary blends of the highest quality hydrocarbons and expertly refined processing techniques.

We are uniquely positioned with years of experience in extraction and CRC (color remediation) processing that enables us to deliver you the highest quality concentrates from all your various biomass materials.

Why Choose Us

  • Test batches available to ensure your biomass brings you the maximum value
  • Proprietary processes for maximum yield
  • Competitive pricing
  • Multiple output concentrate color variation options available
  • Enhanced BHO and Propane filtering and purging techniques