Bulk Concentrates

F2LHS Manufacturing is able to offer its clients large volumes of wholesale or packaged concentrate extraction services. 

Our bulk concentrate extraction services include all California regulatory and compliance product testing.  The upmost care and precision has been taken in the retention of all canaboinoids and terpene profiles during the extraction process.

The foundation of our superior cannabis products begins with the selection of only the highest quality cannabis plants.  At F2LHS Manufacturing, we invest in the newest technology and latest processing techniques to ensure the purest results in our cannabis concentrates.

Why Choose Us

  • Type-7 Hydrocarbon BHO and Propane Cannabis Extraction
  • Our extraction post processing purging allows us to produce the cleanest concentrates in the industry
  • We’re constantly improving on techniques to maintain and capture the cannabis plants entourage effect
  • California compliance testing ensures all our products are safe for consumption
  • Bulk and Packaged Goods concentrates include: diamonds, sugar, sauce, crumble, shatter, butter/badder, & live resin
  • All products can be produced in bulk and individually packaged configurations