Who We Are

A California corporation that specializes in the legal formulation, manufacture, and distribution of Cannabis products.

From formulation to distribution, we offer large scale in-house manufacturing. The company is professionally managed to produce ultra-pure, highly bio-available clear cannabis THC and CBD oil-based products with unique third-party sourced cannabis strains and quality.

Easy Product Development

With access to Large scale in-house manufacturing facilities, and premium THC & CBD oil-based products that can be infused into any product.

Pasteurizing & Processing

We operate an unparalleled fresh and naturally grown cannabis trim with state of the art extraction and lab processing equipment.

Quality Control & Lab Testing

All products produced in our facility are tested for quality control purposes. Between microbial growth, shelf life, infusion dosing level, and more.

Distribution Ready

We use innovative manufacturing techniques and robust distribution network to sell into our established retail outlets and customer base.

Our Services

Cannabis Extraction

Our technicians take extra precautions in the selection, extraction and processing of only the highest quality cannabis available.

Bulk Distillate Oil

Our distillate oil is laboratory certified and passes all state required regular and compliance testing standards to ensure it is safe for consumption.

Bulk Finished Extraction

The upmost care and precision has been taken in the retention of all canaboinoids and terpene profiles during the extraction process.

Filling and Hardware

F2LHS’s diverse and uniquely qualified personnel combined with our state-of-the-art equipment will provide you with the best cannabis consumable products in the market.

Packaging Services

F2LHS Manufacturing has the capabilities and experience to ensure your products meet and exceed the highest standards available in the industry.

Toll Processing

Full spectrum BHO and Propane extraction services using our proprietary blends of the highest quality hydrocarbons and expertly refined processing techniques.

Distribution and Transportation

We provide secure, safe realtime alarm and GPS tracked transportation services state-wide for all licensed cannabis businesses including any last mile distribution services requested.

White Label Packaging

Let F2LHS develop your unique cannabis branded products. We can take you from concept, formulation  production, packaging to delivery.   You’re only an idea away!

Vape Cartridges

THC and CBD rich vape cartridges in multiple strains. We deliver full spectrum products with a wide variety of terpene profiles and full spectrum desired flavors.

All ultra-pure, medical-grade cannabis products

– World Class development –

Why Work With Us

15 years of combined experience

Our company is a integrated California State Manufacturing and Distribution business with multiple Brands and full service cannabis extraction services.

The company is a safe, legal, regulated, and organized cannabis manufacturing, processing, and distribution company, we focus on the health and wellness market through cannabis extraction, processing and distribution.

Modular Extraction Platform

The MeP 30 remains the best designed, production platform in the hydrocarbon extraction industry.

Able to extract using propane, butane, or a blend of each, The MeP 30 is able to make all the concentrate products found on the dispensary shelves. Live Resin, Fresh Frozen, Shatter, Wax, and Budder can all be achieved with minimal post processing required.

Cannabis Licensed

We hold a California State Cannabis License.

We hold California State Licenses issued by the BCC Bureau of Cannabis Control and CDPH’s Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch for manufacturing and distribution.

The proof is the products!